My goal here is to share useful information about some dramatic new therapies and approaches being used in the field of health and mental health. Based on scientific principles from the work of Einstein and new understandings about cellular biology, Quantum Physics and field theory, these therapies are transforming therapeutic practices.

Known as the "power therapies" or "energy psychotherapies," they have become the main focus of my counseling practice. Why? Simply because they provide the majority of my clients with the most effective and powerful results in the least time possible.

They're also effective for self-help and are simple to learn.  I strongly believe in empowering my clients to help themselves.  Read my article on Energy Therapies  by clickin on the tab in the Header, to learn more about the history of these amazing techniques.

Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the key therapies in my practice. To learn more about it click Emotional Freedom Techniques  Tab in the Header of this page.

NOTE: Over the past 20 years of practicing EFT, I have attended 5 live workshops with Gary Craig - creator of EFT - and watched over 100 hours of DVDs and videos of his live workshops and specialty topics, and base all my work and workshops on the learnings from these resources. While I teach as closely as possible to the work of Gary Craig, naturally, I add my own interpretations and experience to this work.

The BEST Way to learn EFT is 1:1 in therapy or to attend a LIVE WORKSHOP. Check out the sidebar for more information about my next events. Email karenledger if you are interested in organzing or attending one.